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Every traffic package from is designed with your success in mind.  Our unique targeting and delivery methods insure that your website is seen every time, and by visitors who want what you are looking for!  Since we are the direct source of our traffic, you can rest assured that we maintain the highest quality traffic for each of our customers.  After all, the more success you have, the more we have.  You owe it to yourself to see why we are called 

Our network of over 2500 websites is divided into over 100+ niche market categories.  Not only are these categories extremely targeted, but you can also target your audience in over 30 countries of your choice. 

Testimonial from an Client
I'm also very happy with the views to my join page and video. This proves in my mind you guys are for real. NONE of the services I've used have had these results, so depending on my upgrades, I'm gonna keep using you :-)
-Simon B. (

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We offer 5 Types of Website Advertising Packages.

1). Keyword Targeted Visitors

Our Advertising System operates as a keyword targeting system through our ad delivery application. It can recognize keywords on search engines and websites. When the Advertising System sees a match between an online shopper's search and your advertising keywords, it delivers a new browser window with the advertiser's specified site to the shopper. This window appears on top of the user's current browser window and partially covers the window. Reach 50 million customers at the precise moment they are interested in your web site for as little as $0.069 per visit. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Worldwide and USA State Targeted traffic are available.
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2). Category Targeted Visitors

These are targeted visitors that have chosen to see an advertiser's website or advertisement in one of our targeted categories. This is good for introducing a product or service to your customers in order to generate sales or registrations. If you have a site that you would like to target to a specific country such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or even Worldwide, this is the package for you. 
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3). Guaranteed Home Business Signups

Are you tired of promoting your home business opportunity and hardly getting anybody to signup for it? 
Stop spending a fortune without getting Results. With our Home Business Signups, we promote your website so people will signup for your offer in Real-Time. Let us take care of getting people to signup for your home business opportunity giving you more time to build and expand your business.
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4). Targeted Email Advertising has partnered with leading US based online marketers. By using our technology, you can send a solo email message to more than 44 million people with a minimum 2.5% clickthrough rate guarantee. We receive new people every week and you can reach people in over 60 different categories. This is good for introducing a product or service to your customers in order to generate sales or registrations. If you have an Email Ad and would like to reach people interested in your offer, this is the package for you.
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5). Guaranteed Alexa Ranking Service of Top 500 - 110,000 websites in the world

Have you been trying to increase your ranking on Alexa with little or no results? Websites that are ranked in the Top 20,000 most visited sites on have spent tens of thousands of dollars each month to be ranked that high because it helps them get more business. We can get you the same exposure for a lot less.
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